Chiang Mai properties

Chiang Mai land buyers guide

Buying land in Chiang Mai is popular, since it is affordable to owner-occupiers, and many build houses, instead of limiting their options to condos. In the city centre there has recently been a spike in prices of Chiang Mai land around the densely developed night market area and the trendy Nimminhemin Ave. Land in the old town of Chiang Mai also goes at a premium even though many of the narrow lanes are still very much residential. Continue reading “Chiang Mai land buyers guide” »

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Risks of Flipping Houses

All The Right Reasons For You To Rent An Apartment In Luxembourg

With its location at the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg is a small but strategically positioned country. In spite of its size, this country is famous around the world for all the right reasons. This is one country that has a lot to offer to its residents. And so, for anyone considering living here, renting an apartment in Luxembourg is one of your best choices. It is better than buying a house or commuting from any of the border countries. This is because you would need to live in an area for a while to see if it suits you, the cost of purchase is high, and the commute between countries can be inconvenient. Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to rent an apartment in Luxembourg. Continue reading “All The Right Reasons For You To Rent An Apartment In Luxembourg” »

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Renting An Apartment In Malaysia

Global accessibility and openness to relocate have paved the way to a new lifestyle of travel and tourism. Many like to credit the advancement in technology which forced the mankind to change its trend, others would acknowledge it as the effects of great economic boom, the driving force of this universe, which brought people all over the world under one pot. Reasons could be many, but the ultimate result is mankind has come in terms with the nomadic life. Continue reading “Renting An Apartment In Malaysia” »

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Buying a House in Metro Manila – 4 simple tips to consider

Metro Manila might be the epitome of the quickly growing real estate scenario in the Philippines. With the ease of finding so many Houses for sale in Metro Manila picking the best one might be slightly overwhelming. So here are a few tips to make the whole process of purchasing a property in Metro Manila easy for the home buyer. Continue reading “Buying a House in Metro Manila – 4 simple tips to consider” »

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