Chiang Mai properties

Chiang Mai land buyers guide

Buying land in Chiang Mai is popular, since it is affordable to owner-occupiers, and many build houses, instead of limiting their options to condos. In the city centre there has recently been a spike in prices of Chiang Mai land around the densely developed night market area and the trendy Nimminhemin Ave. Land in the old town of Chiang Mai also goes at a premium even though many of the narrow lanes are still very much residential. Continue reading “Chiang Mai land buyers guide” »

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Dubai Real Estate

Why Invest in Property in Dubai?

Property is cheap on an International level

Dubai Property is cheap in absolute and relative terms. For example at this moment, an average villa will cost around $1,000 per square metre in comparison to London Docklands where it would cost $5,000 per square metre. There are very few modern cities in the world where high-standard property is priced so low. Continue reading “Why Invest in Property in Dubai?” »

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Kuala Lumpur property

Kuala Lumpur property – top tips

Here are nine insider tips for figuring out the Kuala Lumpur property industry. All of Kuala Lumpur’s high rise condo blocks are equipped with a water storage tank at the very top of the building. When buying a condo in Kuala Lumpur it is wise to avoid choosing units adjoining the intermediate pump room as you can expect some noise when the pump is running. Continue reading “Kuala Lumpur property – top tips” »

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