10 Cleanest Countries in the World – 10 Least Polluted Countries

10 Cleanest Countries in the World – 10 Least Polluted Countries

Everyone wants to live in a non-toxic environmental friendly place, but unfortunately, as the looming threat of climate change has demonstrated. Most of our modern world has some issues in this regard, whether due to fossil fuels, industrial waste or outdated policies.

The problems of unclean air is a big issue that is going to require worldwide cooperation to resolve, but there are some countries which are doing best at keeping things clean on their own. The rankings of these countries is based on the environmental performance index, which is measured by 24 indicators such as air quality, water quality, industrial waste, etc. So here are 10 cleanest countries in the World

10. Norway.

Norway has a diverse ecosystem with forest covered hills in the southeast and glaciers in the west and the north. It is one of the most beautiful and cleanest countries, with 98 of the electricity production coming from renewable energy sources. The country ranks 10th on this list with an environmental performance index of 77.3. The country also ranks high for water and sanitation, air quality and heavy metals exposure. The country also prioritizes forest and wildlife conservation.


9. Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has made significant progress in reducing the negative impacts on its environment. Despite its rapid population and gdp growth with an epi score of 78.4, it puts special emphasis on keeping its city and capital clean.

The capital is picturesque and residents seem to understand their duty to keep their city and country as clean as possible for all to enjoy. Towns and cities are also well kept, making it a joy to walk around in the streets as a tourist


8. Austria.

with an environmental performance index of 78.9, Austria is the 8th, cleanest country in the world. It is a landlocked country which helps it to remain clean and safe from oceanic waste. Austria is also ranked third overall for agriculture and fifth for ecosystem vitality.

Austria is known for some of the strictest standards in Europe for air pollution, chemicals and waste management about two-thirds of Austria is covered in dense forests and meadows. It is definitely an environmentally friendly country number.

7. France

the population of France, is about 68 million, but this doesn’t affect the clean environment of France. The reason why France is among the cleanest countries in the world is because of good air and water quality, although France is industrialized, almost 80 percent of its energy is from nuclear power which significantly reduces carbon emissions and allowing the country to have clean air and environment.

However, the air quality in the entire nation isn’t really the cleanest, especially in Paris and other big cities, but like most European countries, France is committed to making the earth great again by promising to cut its carbon dioxide emissions even more its environmental Performance index is 80, which ranks it the seventh least polluted and clean country


6. Sweden.

Sweden’s. Environmental performance index is 81.3, which has decreased from last year. The country received a perfect score for addressing the life-threatening impacts of lead exposure.

The country is one of the most sustainable in the world known for its low carbon dioxide emissions and the use of renewable energy sources. Sweden is also known for increasing its greenery and preserving thousands of acres of forests, as well as being a professional in recycling.


5. Finland.

Finland is another Scandinavian country on the list of the cleanest countries. It finishes at the 5th, cleanest country in the world this year about 85 percent of Finland’s.

Energy comes from renewable energy resources. Finland’s. Air forests, lakes and drinking water are exceptionally clean by global standards, because the country prioritizes forest and wildlife conservation, the environmental performance index is 86.2, which has increased from last year. It is often considered one of the best countries to live in


4. Malta

until about 20 years ago, Malta would probably have been classified as a third world country or a developing country, but now people consider it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Courtesy of its pristine beaches and high standard of living, the Maltese government has been placing more effort into taking care of the environment in recent years. That is why Malta is now included in the top 10 cleanest countries list. Overall, Malta has an environmental performance index of 86.8. The country has also earned top rankings in water, sanitation and biodiversity.


3. Denmark.

Denmark, has some of the best policies in the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change.

Its environmental performance index is 87.1, which ranks it third in the world. Denmark is not just the cleanest country in the world. It also sits at number two in the list of the happiest countries.

According to the world happiness report, Denmark also focuses on sustainability, with eco-friendly hotels, solar-powered boats and organic food


2. Iceland.

Last year, Iceland ranked first this year. It is ranked second with the environmental performance index of 87.6. Iceland has been a strong voice in the fight against the pollution of the oceans. Icelandic waters are among the cleanest in the world.

Air pollution in the country is almost non-existent, and natural hot springs can be found all around the country over 99 of electricity production and almost 80 percent of total energy production in Iceland comes from hydropower and geothermal power, which is quite natural and eco-friendly.

No other nation uses such a high proportion of renewable energy resources


1. Switzerland.

Switzerland gets the crown as the cleanest country in the world with an impressive environmental performance index of 88. It is known for its thick forests, wildlife, as well as safe and clean water. This explains why it bested 179 countries in the aspect of cleanliness, Switzerland’s, climate never gets too cold or too hot.

Thus, it sees booming tourism all year round. The cleanest place on earth has more than 1500 lakes, and each is less than 10 miles away from another lake. The cities of the country are also kept very neat and clean with Zurich, ranked as the most cleanest city in the world, thanks for watching be sure to subscribe for more amazing content.

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