Buy My House: How to Find a Buyer For Your Home

Buy My House: How to Find a Buyer For Your Home

If you’re in a tight financial spot or simply just need to move your home off the market, it can be hard to find someone to buy my house in today’s market. Luckily, there are several things that you can do that will get your home off the market and get you the money for your home quicker. Make sure to discuss everything with your listing agent, but even just following these tips can help you to get your house sold quickly and easily.

First, a Word on We Buy Houses
One of the most tempting offers that you might see for your home is the “we buy houses” or “buy my house fast” ads online, offline, and nearly everywhere else in between. Unfortunately, many of these sell house fast plans turn out to be scams that drain your home’s equity and still leave you with a foreclosure or otherwise cheat you out of the real value of your home. There are a few reputable companies that may have the same general offer, but even if they do, they will likely undervalue your home by 20% or more off of the market value. So before you even look at any of these offers, make sure that you have exhausted all of your other options.

Getting Your Home In Front of People
If you’re really thinking, “I need to sell my home fast”, the most important thing that you need to do is get your home out in front of as many potential buyers as possible. The two ways that you do this are by setting the right price and effectively advertising the home. Your real estate listing agent should be helping you with both, but it never hurts to double check.


Make sure when you’re talking to your realtor about the price of your home that you explicitly tell him that you want him to “sell my home fast.” This will affect what price he’ll list the home for. If you want to try to figure out the price yourself, obtain the data for pending home sales in your area. Look for homes similar to yours in the listings. The price you list your home at should be at most two percent more than the highest prices that you can find. If you need to sell it for more, chances are that the home is going to simply sit on the market for a while at least. If you don’t want to sell at that price, you can hold on to the house or you can try your luck at turning it into an investment property and rent it out to people.

The next most important part of making sure that your home will sell is actually putting your home’s ad in front of as many eyes as possible. To do this you should make sure that your listing agent is buying ads online, offline, and anywhere else in between that he can find. While in easier markets it might have been easy to get a few offers from a simple ad in the papers, less buyers means you’ll have to go out to greater lengths to find ones that are interested to find one that will actually buy my house fast.

Even though you need to sell house quickly, don’t overlook the value of pictures to showcase your home. If you can afford it, have a professional come and take some photos of your home to use in listings. If you can’t afford it, you can always take the photos yourself, but make sure to put some effort into arranging the rooms when you snap the pictures. When you list your home in online sites, also make sure to include as many pictures as you possibly can in the listings.

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Showing Your Home
The next most important part of selling your home is actually showing it. To get someone to buy your house, you’ll have to make sure that they are impressed with the condition of it, so hire a cleaning service or go over your entire home with a fine tooth comb to make sure it’s clean. Also try to complete any home improvement projects that you can within reason, no matter how small so potential buyers will have less reservations about purchasing your home.
These simple tips, along with the help of our real estate agent, should provide you with more than enough information if you’re thinking “I need to sell my house fast” so that you get your house off the market for the price you want without having to resort to any of the “we buy houses” scams that you find online.