Condominiums for investment in Gold Coast

There is an unprecedented opportunity for investors to capitalise on this growth, with a good selection of developments to choose from, and investor incentives. The Australian government is actively encouraging overseas investment with tax breaks. To “lock in” the price for almost two years, all you need is a 10% deposit which goes into a Government monitored interest account where the interest that accrues will go towards the settlement. Upon completion you can take advantage of the builders mortgage offer, who will offer the remainding 90% at a competitive interest only rate.

To buy now, you can reserve a unit with just $1000. Contracts can then be prepared and express mailed to you. You do not have to visit Australia in order to purchase, but if you do then your flight money may be refunded upon purchase.
Due to the continued popularity of this area, you can feel assured that appreciation in value is very likely. You would then have the option of selling upon completion.

Fully managed:
There are a number of developments here which range from apartments and town houses to detached houses with properties on golf courses and front line beach, which are great for holiday lets. Condominiums represent one of the best investments, and when part of a luxury development such as ‘Circle’ located in Surfers Paradise then the possibility for making a good return on your investment is exceptional.The apartments can be operated as part of the hotel complex, which will have a luxurious 5 star appeal. There will be shopping and leisure facilities associated to the condominiums with parks and well kept communal areas.

With the increasing popularity of this area, there is no shortage of people wanting to rent these properties and you also have the option of renting out to a long term let. At the moment there is a 98% occupancy with rental properties.