Orchid Bay

From its Caribbean shores to its jungle interior, Belize has great natural beauty—blue water, deserted beaches, and inland retreats where you can explore Mayan ruins, tall waterfalls, rainforests, and rivers. It’s no wonder Belize’s tourism industry is booming.

If recent figures are any indication, this tiny tropical paradise could be on its way to becoming the next hot destination for explorers, expats, retirees, and investors. Cruise visits to this country increased by a full 55.1%—as opposed to just 13.1%, for example, for the same period in the Bahamas. The cruise industry is impressed with what Belize has to offer, and the Carnival Corporation has just finalized an agreement to build a new cruise port in the Port Loyola area of Belize City.

Costing $50 million, it will be the largest cruise port Carnival has built anywhere in the world. It is expected to generate more than a billion Belize dollars ($500 million) in revenue over the first 20 years of the agreement. As Moon Handbooks recently pointed out, ” Belize is the only county within the Caribbean to experience consistent increases in overall tourist arrivals since 1998—including post-9/11, a period that devastated other tourism-dependent areas.”

Point is: This isn’t just a hiccup in tourist numbers. It’s a trend that’s got significant momentum. And now’s a good time to profit from it… You see, for many years property prices seemed high (nobody but a relatively small group of “adventure” travelers was really going to Belize, and so the prices just didn’t make sense). But now, considering the fast-growing number of tourists (who will, we know from other Caribbean markets, increase demand for properties), the prices look undervalued, instead.

Today, when you compare property prices in Belize to property prices in better-discovered cruise destinations, you find Belize to be a relative bargain. In other words, there’s plenty of room for prices to increase…and with mainstream tourists arriving in Belize en masse these days (and word about this destination getting out) that increase certainly seems likely. We’ve identified one particular opportunity of note in this country—a new oceanfront resort community at Orchid Bay.

If you have ever dreamed of soaking up the Caribbean sun and enjoying the quiet ambiance of your own exquisite resort home…well, this is your chance to make those dreams come true—at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay. Right now, you could build your own dream home at Orchid Bay for less than £60,000. Belize has seen its ups and downs…but these recent market developments, particularly the mammoth investment of the cruise industry in this destination, herald further ups, we believe.

Best time yet to think about staking your own claim to this beautiful, English-speaking Caribbean outpost.

Key selling points
* Belize is an english speaking country
* Cruise visits to this country increased by a full 55.1% past 2yr
* Undervalued property prices compared to rest of Caribbean
* Consistent increases in tourism (including post 9/11)
* New crusie port to generate up to $500 million first 20yrs
* Lots starting at £20,000, lots and homes starting at £51,000.