Rent An Apartment In Luxembourg

Rent An Apartment In Luxembourg

With its location at the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg is a small but strategically positioned country. In spite of its size, this country is famous around the world for all the right reasons. This is one country that has a lot to offer to its residents. And so, for anyone considering living here, renting an apartment in Luxembourg is one of your best choices. It is better than buying a house or commuting from any of the border countries. This is because you would need to live in an area for a while to see if it suits you, the cost of purchase is high, and the commute between countries can be inconvenient. Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to rent an apartment in Luxembourg.

Great Location

Luxembourg is positioned in a place that offers you easy access to a good number of important cities. Its borders with Germany, France, and Belgium, puts it in a unique position of being a gateway of sorts to these hubs of European activities.

Flying is an even faster way to connect to the entire continent. While Paris is less than an hour away by flight and two hours by train, it takes just an hour to fly to London and two to reach Berlin. This accessible transit to different countries and cities makes Luxembourg an excellent option for someone with business interests around the continent.


Diverse Cultures

A unique trait of Luxembourg is its high population of foreigners and expatriates. Its immigration system allows easy access to people who come for work or leisure. Due to this, there has been a spike in the influx of immigrants. With over 45% of its population of 560,000 being foreigners.

This has led to a diverse pool of people around the country. People from every continent are amply represented; they even come with their languages and food. So, you are sure to feel at home in a place where you are not the only foreigner.

High Quality of Living

With an impressive GDP per-capita, Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This is reflected in the high quality of life enjoyed by its residents and workers. Salaries paid here are very high, almost a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants can be found here, there is a good number of elegant and sophisticated museums and galleries for your pleasure too.

And although it is quite expensive to live it, it is worth the low crime rate, exceptional public service, and beautiful sceneries.


The Great Outdoors

Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. With its picture-perfect hills and verdant parks, this is one place that would remind you of living in paradise. From the hilly region of the Ardennes forest to the Müllerthal area that is sometimes called Little Switzerland, everywhere in this country the scenery is very appealing. And if you are the type who loves hiking, then making Luxembourg your home assures you of endless fun.


Another reason to love Luxembourg is its family-friendly nature and laws. This country allows married couples to pay an income tax that is less than what singles pay. This is financially beneficial, especially to fledgling families.

Also, a study has shown that the costs of private nursery schools in Luxembourg are cheaper than those in London by about 15% and less expensive than the schools in New York by almost 50%. So, you see great reasons why you and your family will enjoy living here.