Tips For Buying Or Selling Your Home

While it is true that you can sell your home yourself without a real estate agent, you should actually consider that a good realtor can get you a higher price that will cover their fees anyway. There are some steps you should consider too no matter how you choose to sell your home.

First of all, real estate agents are experts in the marketing process and they are very adept in valuing your home. They want to help to get people to buy houses in stl and other cities.  There is a great chance that if you sell the home yourself, you will leave a good amount of money on the table.

In the current marketplace, it is very important to price the house properly to sell it, as we are currently in a seller’s market. For sale by owner homes, or FSBO’s accounted for around 9 per cent of home sales in a recent study, and sold for an average of $174,900 as compared to a $215,000 price when sold by a realtor.

In addition, overpricing a home will cause it to sit idle while prospective buyers pass it by for homes more in their price range. It is very important to price a home correctly when it is first put on the market, and an experienced realtor can be very instrumental in the correct process of pricing the home.

If the home is underpriced, it might sell more quickly, but there is a very good chance that it will be sold for less than it is worth. Realtors have exclusive access to the MLS which lists recently sold homes, which is the one statistic that is the most important in valuing homes that are currently for sale.

Homes that are actively listed do give an indication of what prices are being asked for on the market, but the actual sold prices of nearby homes are going to tell you more about the market value of homes in the area. Relying on internet listings, such as Zillow can be an indicator of value, but it can also be widely skewed too, as it is only valuing listings, and not actual sold pricing.

Your realtor will know how to help you stage your home too, so that it will make the best presentation to prospective buyers. Their marketing knowledge will be invaluable in helping you to put your home in the best position to “outsell” the competition. It is the little things that count when selling your home.

If you are buying a home it is also in your best interest to hire a realtor who specializes in that end of the transaction. If you are new to the area, chances are a good buyer’s representative will have intimate knowledge of local amenities such as shopping, school information, and the political makeup of the area.

In addition, your realtor will have contacts in the financing and mortgage industry, as well as contacts in the title industry. Using the right people in these areas can make or break a purchase of a home, and it is all about knowing who to contact where you can achieve the best service and the best deal.