To Sell Your Home… Think Like an Investor

When a home goes on the market for sale, a listing price is set based upon a number of factors including past sales of comparable property. However, many sellers don’t realize that they can help sell their home faster and at a higher price if they’re willing to take the time to properly prepare their home for sale.

Preparing for a sale will consist mostly of cleaning and organizing to make the house more appealing. That’s because a messy house gives the impression that the house was not well-cared for. Clutter also makes the house seem smaller, and the closets and storage space inadequate.

Studies show that potential investors form an opinion within 30 seconds of seeing the house. So start by cleaning the ground of debris, sweeping the porch and doing what you can to make a great impression when prospects first arrive at your home.

Moving inside, focus on making the entryway inviting and clutter-free. Consider putting fresh flowers in the area. Kitchens and bathrooms should be neat and spotless. Since many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of a home, focus on presenting this room as one that is organized and immaculate.

Finally, to help create a lighter, brighter atmosphere, keep draperies open, put high wattage bulbs in light fixtures, and remove any items, such as screens, that obstruct the incoming light.