10 Most Expensive Private Islands In The World

10 Most Expensive Private Islands In The World

The most expensive private islands there is perhaps nothing the mega-rich desire more than privacy and privacy is becoming more and more difficult to come by in the age of social media. The only real privacy the rich have left is the physical privacy achieved geographically, and there’s, nothing more private than a private island.

The ever reclusive ever extravagant, 1 %, is at the top of society, spend millions on these private islands. The costs are so staggering due to the sheer size of these land masses and due to the fact that they are so finitely numbered.

In other words, there’s only so many private islands on the planet available for purchase. Not everyone can just pull a Dubai and build the island from scratch. So in this video I’ll, be counting down the 10 most expensive islands on the planet.

Keep in mind that these price tags are the price of the landmass itself, any buildings or facilities that have been built on the island have their own price tag as well beginning with number 10. Here are the most expensive islands on the planet number ten.

Twenty eight million dollars Bird Cay Bahamas is surrounded on all sides by neighboring islands in the Bahamas. These land masses around bird can offer protection from tsunami and hurricane, which is just one of the reasons the island comes with such a hefty price.

The gorgeous Island has over four point: seven: five miles of water frontage Bird Cay offers sandy beaches, crystalline waters, gentle prevailing breezes, numerous trails, tropical palms, cos arenas as well as citrus and coconut groves, and it goes without saying that Bird K, along with every other Island On this list, come with stunning ocean views giving the considerable flowing grassland a few holes of golf could easily be constructed on the island.

For now, the island is still up for sale and has been little to no construction on the property. This land is ripe for the taking for any multi-millionaire looking to bolster their some sources believe this islands cost could skyrocket and advised that the island be purchased quickly for investment purposes: 28 million Agria Triose, Athens, Greece, leaving the Bahamas but sure to return.

We find our great Reyes of Athens, Greece, our great Ria & # 39. S is perfect for any individual. Looking for an already developed island. This island comes ready with a central living accommodation that has four bedrooms: each houses, a staff house and even a church.

The beautiful island has three beaches and one of those beaches is overlooked by an extravagant outdoor dining area that can accompany up to 30 residences. The island is just a 10-minute helicopter ride from Athens, Greece, making it one of the most desirable islands in the Mediterranean $ 35,000,000 Corriveau Island Mexico off the coast of Mexico.

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Corriveau island is 60 miles. East of the city of La Paz. This massive island is completely uninhabited and is currently up for sale for the steep price of thirty five million dollars. The price of this island comes partly from the size of the island, as is all of 18 miles long.

The arid desert climate offers one of the more consistent climates in the wild, with steady, warm temperature and little rainfall. The landscape of Corriveau is mountainous and rich with vegetation. Another selling point for the island is the rich sea life that surrounds the land.

The ocean floor drops dramatically off the coast of the island and the perfect temperatures in calm weather make it a perfect destination for sea exploration. 35,000,000 hog Cay Bahamas coming in at number.

Seven on the list is bulk’priced at thirty-five million dollars. Parque brings us back to the Bahamas and it’s just miles from Bert Cay. The tenth item on our list hog cake, keeps with the animal theme of many islands in the Bahamas, but recently has become known as the Blue Island.

This island is one of the few islands where you can actually land your private jet, while most islands can only be accessed by boat. A helicopter Blue Island is long enough to do the job for a private jet and if there’s, one thing millionaires love as much as their private islands.

It’s, their private jets of all of the private islands in the Bahamas. Blue Island is the only one, the Jetport, so, as you can imagine, the island is quite large and has had significant development. The island is all of seven hundred acres and has earned the title of the most accessible private island 39 million dollars Charles Island Bahamas.

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Charles Island is a luxury tropical development island and waiting in idolic Spanish Wells Bahamas. The 55 acre Island, which is near Harbour Island, is on the market for 39 million dollars. Charles is being presented as a mini Dubai, as its potential for a mixed-use luxury property is enormous.

With open zoning. The undeveloped island is literally a stone’s. Throw from the lively and development Spanish Wells, whoever eventually cashes out in purchases this island for 39 million will have access to all of the facilities and tourist attractions from their neighbors and will have endless possibilities when deciding what to do with the blank landscape.

That is the private island $ 40,000,000 mo to tame Bora Bora French Polynesia. Once again, we leave the Bahamas for the last time and travel to French Polynesia where we find mo to tame the 40 million dollar Island in Bora.

Bora Bora Bora is a name that should be very familiar to anyone caught up on the luxurious life of the mega rich, it has become a household name in the luxury. Sink mo to tain is one of the smallest islands to make the list, but trust me, the island is as stunning as it is small located just 10 minutes by boat from the main island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia mo to Jane, comes with everything you Need for a luxurious relaxation mo to tane is encircled by a truly magical white sand, palm fronted beach on turquoise waters, the majestic villas sprawl across the island and are completely integrated with thatched roofs and vast decks in order to create a sense of complete harmony with The surrounding nature, along with the serene comfort the island, is also rather easily accessible.

There are convenient overnight flights from Los Angeles to Tahiti from Tahiti it’s, a 45-minute flight to Bora Bora. All of these amazing features lead to the price of 40 million dollars. Forty five million dollars hands low, like Islands, US Virgin Islands and number four on our list comes a pair of violence.

The only item on our list under the United States, these two islands in the Virgin Islands are being sold as a pair for forty five million dollars. The pair of islands is just north of Saint Thomas. The larger Island of the two is called the Great Hans long neck, while its psychic is referred to as the little Hans low neck.

The larger island is nearly 500 acres and, like it’s, small neighbor is untouched and free of any development. The coconut beaches on either Island, along with stunning, cliffs and vibrant marine life, make the pair of perfect place to set up a getaway home of perhaps an upscale resort.

The little Hans Lowlich is just a hundred acres. The bundle of islands offers so many options for Island bias, as they have two islands to work with. If it were me spending 45 million, I would set up a resort with a golf course on the Big Island and turn the smaller one into my private residences.

But that’s just me. Let me know what you guys would do in the comments with your own private island. Sixty-Five million dollars, Kate, Chapel Belize, Kate Chapel, is a rather large private island in Belize, with a rather large price tag to match.

The island was once owned by Isaiah Immanuel mortar, who has Belize’s. First, African millionaire the island comes with a fully fitted airstrip, an 18-hole golf course. Several resorts, including a Four Seasons, and one massive clubhouse with all of the accommodations.

A luxury private island could ask for the islands resorts, offer top-of-the-line facilities that are environmentally friendly as they are expensive. The island holds up a strict image of sustainability and an attitude that protects the beautiful waters surrounding it.

It goes without saying that snorkeling and scuba diving are an essential characteristic of Kay Chaplin and all of the resorts on the island $ 100,000,000 Rond Island Grenada. Until just recently, Ronde island was the most expensive private island on the planet and an even an incredible price of a hundred million dollars since 2007.

This 2,000 acre private island has been on the market, but a buyer has yet to be found. The beautifully lush island is untouched by development. The unique shape of the island creates two bass on adjacent shores of the island.

The waters surrounding the island are extremely clear and offers superb visibility down to a hundred feet. These features make the coast the perfect place for an array of recreational Beach activities along with these bays comes another geographic feature that is sure to win the heart of some billionaires in the market for an island.

Rhode Island has a cave system wide enough to swim through. All of these amazing natural amenities make Ronde Island the second most expensive island on the planet, 240 million euros, 310 million dollars Lisbon, Island Portugal.

Some estimates for this massive Island just outside of Lisbon. Portugal claimed the island will sell for around 350 million dollars, but to avoid the risk of getting too far ahead of ourselves, let’s.

Just leave the estimate closer to the listing price of 310 million dollars. This island is virtually on the doorstep of Lisbon itself and there’s. A massive 3,000 acres. There has been talk of telling the island into a luxury golf course complete with residential units, as the island is a prime spot for potential development and is unusual in the fact that it remains undeveloped whilst being so close to a heavily populated area such as Lisbon.

The island will most likely be purchased by multiple investors with an eye to develop it into whatever they see fit. But talk is just talk until someone with a big enough Bank decides to make the 310 million dollar purchase.
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