Guide to Buying French Properties for Sale

Guide to Buying French Properties for Sale

Start looking for a property from the list of Estate Agents on this guide now because we don’t expect French property to become any cheaper. In the long run French property are expected to keep increasing in value.

Before you start your search for your dream property, consider carefully why you are buying, and how you can make the most of the investment opportunity. Local agents are quite helpful in this matter.

If you are buying to relocate or for a semi-permanent retirement home, you might not be interested in letting your dream home with an Estate Agent for extra income.

If you are buying properties for your own occasional use, any extra income from renting will provide a useful contribution to your costs, and might even pay your finance costs. This would make your dream home a free gift from your tenants!

Whatever your reason for buying, look for properties which will also be your best investments. Start looking for French Property for sale via an agent as soon as possible because we don’t expect them to become any cheaper. In the long run we expect it to keep increasing in value. A positive influence of the switch to the Euro is that it now allows a direct guide comparison between prices in different parts of the European Union.

Properties for sale in some regions of France is still extremely cheap compared to other areas of the EU. If you are seriously considering buying a holiday home which is also an investment and which will show significant capital growth over the next few years, we recommend that you start your area of search by identifying which French airports have recently become destinations for new air routes, particularly amongst the no frills, cut-price airlines. Many local Estate Agents have this information and can act as a starting guide to your dream investment for sale. Travel Agents can also be of great assistance.

If you are not sure yet where you want to buy, decide now not to rush into buying the first property you see. Start researching with an Estate agent about the different areas as a guide.

With the increase in low cost air travel, many areas are now within easy reach for a weekend, so go and have a look for reasonable estate guide. This will enable you to reach a decision quickly.

Try to view properties for sale early in the year, certainly before July when everyone else is running around looking to buy. Viewing holiday homes for sale earlier should give you more choice and can act as a guide when the market is quieter.

Don’t make any assumptions about property prices before you start looking. There are plenty of reasonably priced properties to consider if you search around especially with an Estate Agent.
Please see French Property Secrets for a detailed report on where I think the best opportunities lie and before you choose an agent.

However, we recommend that you don’t leave it too late to look. The Germans and the Belgians are already buying up properties through their own agents.

If you are looking for a holiday home which doubles up as an investment, we recommend you consider buying a property on a new development which you can put into a Leaseback Scheme – more details in French Property Secrets.Due to the Language barrier, this can be best done by selecting an agent to assist you.

Then you are guaranteed a minimum return, which will assist with the mortgage if you require finance, and you can still use it free for holidays. Also you retain the benefit of any capital growth.

But best of all you can reclaim any TVA included in the purchase price, meaning you get a whopping 20% instant discount.