Safety Concerns with Halogen Lamps

Millions of homes have halogen lamps, but almost as quickly as their popularity grew, their dangers became known. These incredibly bright lamps with the tiny, strange (and expensive) bulbs can reach such intense heat levels that even a quick brush with a flammable material can quickly start a fire.

Recently, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) created safety standards under which newer models of halogen lamps must be sold. However, some 40 million older models are still in use. The only way to be sure a new lamp meets these new guidelines is to check the box for the statement: “Meets new improved UL safety standards.”

Wire guards to fit over the glass shields were to be available through major retail outlets nationwide. The guard is designed to keep flammable materials away from the hot bulb. Due to excessive demand, it may be difficult to find them. Meantime, be warned of the potential dangers of the older halogen lamps.

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